01 Rita Row SS22 Milagros
02 Rita Row SS22 Milagros
03 Rita Row SS22 Milagros
04 Rita Row SS22 Milagros

When Rita Row began to define the collection, it was sure that it would be called Milagros. It would be something unique, feminine, hard to explain.
We are especially inspired by a strong feminine essence, no “Saint”, and powerful; something that burns in the skin, a sign of courage that fights the pain and with an ingrained folkloric touch.
Milagros celebrates the most feminine essence from the most existentialist feminism, since feminism and femininity complement and enhance each other.
All the garment names of Milagros collection are names of “Saints”, and with that, the goal is to claim the opposite: women do not have to be saints, let’s stop assigning women that essence of goodness and perfection.
Milagros has the right to be bad, to be imperfect, the right to be the same or different from others. Milagros is extraordinary, she decides what she wants to be and how she wants to be.
A varied range of colors and high-quality fabrics, comfortable patterns with a fashion and femininity touch… Denim, Cupro, Tencel, recycled fabrics, organic cotton, and some exclusive textures. Pastel colors, fresh, smooth, and reliefs. Milagros experiments with unique and basic trend combinations.
Wish the society we live in to be able to evolve like Milagros